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Citizens Advice Medway is a registered charity that offers free, independent and impartial advice to the whole of Medway on a range of issues including Housing, Welfare Benefits, Employment, Debt, Family Law and many others.

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As well as helping people to solve their problems, Citizens Advice aims to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives. We do this try and prevent these problems happening again.

To do this, we have a dedicated Research and Campaigns team at Citizens Advice Medway. They collect evidence of the causes of people’s problems which is then used to raise awareness and challenge the people and policies responsible.

We focus on issues that impact a lot of people in the area and which keep happening to people, but everybody’s problem is considered as a possible Research and Campaigns issue. Since we collect evidence on issues that are present at local and national levels, we work on some campaigns that affect our local residents and others that affect the national population.

Our three main local campaigns at the moment are:

  1. Housing and homelessness
  2. Problems with Universal Credit
  3. Digital inclusion

These campaigns are some of the biggest issues affecting the clients who come through our doors. We also run shorter campaigns throughout the year and take part in national events with other organisations, for instance Big Energy Saving Week and Scams Awareness Month. We have also conducted a Financial Debt Survey across Medway in the hopes of determining why people borrow and the problems this can cause.

All of our volunteers inform their clients about our R&C team. Everybody at Citizens Advice Medway is encouraged to participate and help the public in this way.

If you would like to let us know about a problem you think is affecting people in Medway, contact the Research and Campaigns team. You can do this by sending an email to or by calling 01634 383760 and asking to speak to a member of the team.

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  • Scams Awareness Month

    Scams Awareness Month

    17th June 2019

    “Stop, report, talk: Be #scamaware” says Citizens Advice Medway as it finds only 46% of people in the South East report scams. 64% of people in the South East have been approached by a scammer in the last two years finds research carried out by Citizens Advice Medway. Worryingly, of those targeted, only 46% of people spoke to anyone about it. Under the slogan “Stop, report, talk: Be #scamaware” Citizens Advice Medway is encouraging people to talk about their experiences and look out for others, particularly more vulnerable people. More than half of all scams reported to the Citizens Advice consumer service in the last year used well-established, offline methods. These classic tactics from the scammers’ playbook include unsolicited doorstep selling, mail and cold calling, and saw people lose an average of almost £3,000. Fraudsters using these methods are known to overwhelmingly target older, more vulnerable people. Citizens Advice Medway, Chief Executive Officer...

  • Local Welfare Provision Scheme

    Local Welfare Provision Scheme

    3rd January 2019

    Citizens Advice Medway is now operating the Local Welfare Provision Scheme. This service is for last resort emergencies only. The criteria is strict and the funding pot fixed for a year so a thorough application process will be followed. Cash is not provided. All applications must be made via...

  • Press Release - Scams Awareness Month

    Press Release - Scams Awareness Month

    8th June 2018

    Watch out for legal and financial scams, warns Citizens Advice Medway. People need to be on their guard against financial and legal scams following a rise in cases reported to the Citizens Advice consumer service. Citizens Advice Medway is now showing people how to spot scams as it launches...

  • Press Release - Universal Credit

    Press Release - Universal Credit

    6th June 2018

    Citizens Advice Medway on hand to help with the rollout of Universal Credit. Citizens Advice Medway is helping people get ready for Universal Credit which rolled out across Medway on 30th May 2018. Universal Credit is a new benefit which helps people on a low income or not in work meet their...

  • Press Release - Telecoms Service Issues

    Press Release - Telecoms Service Issues

    26th January 2018

    26 January 2018 Citizens Advice calls on government to strengthen voice of telecoms consumers as new poll shows majority face service issues. Six out of 10 broadband consumers experienced slow service or had their connection stop working entirely in the last year, disrupting the ability of...

  • Press Release - Future Energy goes out of business

    Press Release - Future Energy goes out of business

    25th January 2018

    25 January 2018 Citizens Advice has reassured customers of Future Energy that their energy supply will continue despite the firm going out of business, and said that a new supplier will be arranged by Ofgem. The national charity is urging customers not to switch suppliers at this stage, as...

  • Christmas Debt Does Not Make For Festive Cheer - Press Release

    Christmas Debt Does Not Make For Festive Cheer - Press Release

    14th December 2017

    Citizens Advice Medway is warning people against getting into debt to pay for Christmas. The Advice charity is warning people not to rely too heavily on credit to get through the festive period, but recommends making presents and focusing on low cost Christmas events. Dan McDonald, Chief...

  • New Medway Local Welfare Scheme

    29th August 2017

    The Medway Local Welfare Scheme is now being delivered by Imago Community. Previously operated by West Kent Extra, the scheme is designed to help vulnerable people in Medway who have a crisis and need urgent financial support. This may be following an emergency, disaster or unforeseen...

  • Taylor Review a first step towards a fairer jobs market says Citizens Advice

    Taylor Review a first step towards a fairer jobs market says Citizens Advice

    14th July 2017

    National Citizens Advice says that the Matthew Taylor review of modern employment practices includes many proposals which would help people currently at the sharp end of insecure work but says that enhanced rights and protections will require more effective enforcement. Research by the national...

  • Citizens Advice calls for Universal Credit rollout to be paused

    Citizens Advice calls for Universal Credit rollout to be paused

    10th July 2017

    The rollout of Universal Credit should be paused until significant problems with it are fixed, says national Citizens Advice. In a major new report - Delivering on Universal Credit - the charity reveals that the requirement to wait for six weeks to receive any payment means people face serious...

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