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Citizens Advice Medway is a registered charity that offers free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to the whole of Medway on a range of issues including Housing, Welfare Benefits, Employment, Debt, Family Law and many others.

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Pro-Bono Solicitors

Citizens Advice Medway is fortunate to be able to offer some of our clients referrals for appointments to speak to Solicitors who provide pro-bono (free) advice. At your Initial Check, we will determine if you need to be booked for a telephone appointment with one of these Pro-Bono Solicitors.

We have a partnership with the following organisations who are the ones that provide the Solicitors who give this pro-bono advice:

  • Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors
  • Takk & Company Solicitors

We take into account deadlines and time limits when arranging one of these appointments for a client because they can sometimes be over a month in advance due to the limited appointment slots available. For each subject area we only hold appointment sessions once or twice a month depending on our agreement with that respective organisation. We have appointments available in the following subject areas:

  • Civil Liberties
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Criminal Law

There are limited slots for each appointment session. Each slot for the Civil Liberties and Criminal Solicitors lasts for 30 minutes. The slots for the Clinical Negligence Solicitor last for 45 minutes. The best way to take advantage of the limited time you can have with the Solicitor is to prepare your questions in advance.

The appointment is a one-off appointment and we do not recommend any specific Solicitor firms, we only provide access to this service if it is something we determine you would be eligible for. If you want further advice from the Solicitor or you want the Solicitor to take on your case, you will have to contact them direct and discuss this with them directly there may be a cost for further advice. We cannot refer a client to them more than once unless the Solicitor has made an exception.

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