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Citizens Advice Medway is a registered charity that offers free, independent and impartial advice to the whole of Medway on a range of issues including Housing, Welfare Benefits, Employment, Debt, Family Law and many others.

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Citizens Advice Medway receives funding from Orbit Housing Association via an organisation called We Are Digital. Citizens Advice Medway is working alongside several different Citizens Advice centres and other organisations as a consortium arranged by We Are Digital to carry out financial capability training for the tenants of Orbit Housing Association.

Set up specifically for those tenants who are not in debt (Orbit already has an internal debt advice project for its tenants), we believe that this project will greatly assist clients by providing the financial capability knowledge needed to reduce the risk of crisis and borrowing. It will also raise awareness of the different ways to maximise income, many of which can be done online. The importance of building up emergency funds will be emphasised so that people don't have to rely on others for help should something unexpected arise. Those without digital skills will be trained in what they need to know to make use of online assistance.

People will be able to learn about access to different ways of accessing financial assistance and our Financial Capability workers will be able to "hand-hold" throughout the process, helping with setting up accounts online if needed, guiding people on how to use several different tools aimed at saving money and maximising income, and will ensure the tenants of Orbit Housing Association are confident and able to maintain their tenancies over the long term. Learners can also pass on the new skills they gain throughout this journey so we hope many people will benefit from this behaviour change.

The Orbit Financial Capability project is open to anyone who works, lives or studies in Medway and has an Orbit tenancy agreement. Tenants can self-refer, but most referrals will be via the Orbit Housing Officers who will identify those they believe would benefit from the training.

Drop in to our office or call us on 01634 383760 from 9:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and ask to speak to one of our Orbit Financial Capability workers.

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