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Citizens Advice Medway is a registered charity that offers free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to the whole of Medway on a range of issues including Housing, Welfare Benefits, Employment, Debt, Family Law and many others.

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Jobs & Volunteering

Paid Jobs:

Citizens Advice Medway is able to take on new paid staff when funding is made available. Please check here on a regular basis to see what job opportunities exist or keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Currently we are not advertising for any vacant roles.


Citizens Advice Medway needs volunteers every year to help us meet the demand for our services. In our centre we have opportunities for people to train as volunteers in a variety of roles including Receptionists, Advisers, Project Workers, Trustees, Administrators, Research & Campaign workers, and more.

If you are interested in volunteering, take our short quiz to see what type of roles you may be suited for.

Some of the skills and knowledge that will help you in many of our volunteering roles are:

  • Being open-minded and non judgemental
  • An understanding of the importance of confidentiality
  • The ability to use IT
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to read and write English
  • The ability to interpret information
  • Enjoying helping others
  • Being a good listener
  • The ability to do basic Maths

Please be aware that due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, certain volunteer roles may not be available at present.


Receptionists: Reception staff are the public face of Citizens Advice Medway and serve as the main link between the public and the services we provide. Their role is crucial as they welcome clients and provide information on our service.

Advisers: Advisers carry out Initial Checks and more in-depth interviews with a client if needed. They carry out a brief initial diagnosis of a client's enquiry and can provide information and assistance straight away.

Project Workers: Each of our Project Workers are attached to a specific project run by us thanks to funding provided by a specific source. Essentially Advisers, there are only certain clients that our Project Workers can assist due to the nature of the projects. An Initial Checker will identified if you can fit the criteria to be seen by a Project Worker.

Court Desk Workers: Our Legal Aid funded Housing Team attends many County Courts each week as part of a service that helps those who are facing eviction. We have a team of volunteers who are required to undergo our Adviser training plan before they can attend court. These workers assist our Housing worker by gathering an initial understanding of someone's situation before they see the Housing worker.

Advice Session Supervisor: Supervisors play a key role in that they oversee all the advice and administrative issues that come up during a daily session. In addition, they support the management team, interact with members of the public, oversee the daily rota and service delivery, all while ensuring a safe and enjoyable workplace for their fellow volunteers. A Supervisor needs at least two years of being an Adviser within the Citizens Advice service.

Administrators: Administrators ensure that the centre runs smoothly. Good support is essential for the running of any organisation, and we are no different. There are many different administrative roles - we can match your skills and time available to our needs whether it's booking appointments, operating our switchboard, etc.

Research & Campaign Workers: Research & Campaign workers use information and collate evidence from problems brought to Citizens Advice Medway by clients to help bring about real change through influencing local and national policy. This is a flexible role, which can sometimes be partly carried out away from our office.

If you would like any further information on these roles or would like to request a Volunteer Pack, please send an email to

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