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Volunteers' Week

2nd June 2014

Volunteers' Week

New survey reveals that six in ten people say volunteering reduces stress:

Volunteers’ Week is a national annual event celebrating the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK. This year, it takes place from 1-7 June. 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of Volunteers' Week.

Volunteering boosts employability, self-esteem and health, according to a new report published by Citizens Advice to mark Volunteers’ Week.

The new report ‘CAB volunteering – how everyone benefits’ also reveals that 6 in 10 people who give their time to the Citizens Advice service feel less stressed as a result.

The research also found volunteering can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer with mental health problems. Three-quarters of individuals identified with mental health issues said that “volunteering helped them feel more able to manage their condition”. Four in 4 in 5 people believe volunteering has had a positive effect on their health.

In 2013, 27 new volunteers started at Medway CAB, helping thousands of clients to solve problems.

Nationally, more than 22,000 volunteers gave up their time to help people in Citizens Advice Bureaux, resulting in more than £100million of volunteering hours.

The report also finds:

  • 9 in 10 people reported an increased sense of purpose or self-esteem
  • 4 in 5 believe that they have increased their employability
  • 9 in 10 feel more engaged in their community
  • 9 in 10 feel better equipped and empowered to deal with issues in their lives- with 4 in 5 also helping friends and family.

One Citizens Advice volunteer, Julia, became an apprentice with Citizens Advice whilst also undertaking a qualification. Two years later Julia left the bureau after getting a job in the health sector:

“I suffered severely with depression; I was successful with a good job, house, car and my independence. Unfortunately, after a long period of illness I lost my self-esteem, I then volunteered at my local Citizens Advice Bureau. With help and guidance from staff, I started to rebuild my confidence and consequently, my life, whilst giving vital support to a much needed charity which provides a desperately needed service.

I found opportunities varied, meeting and helping people from all walks of life. Volunteering helped me to turn my life around; I have seen many volunteers move on to employment helped by the experience gained from volunteering”.

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of national charity Citizens Advice said:

“Volunteers deliver a high-quality service for millions of people, many of whom are having a tough time struggling to make ends meet. People are still recovering from the economic crisis and dealing with changes to the welfare system and local services. It’s now more important than ever that everyone can access free and impartial advice.

“It is those who give up their time for free who enable us to offer this and we need the Government to recognise the importance of volunteering and develop a strategy to support it”.

If you can spare a few hours each week and would be interested in volunteering with Medway CAB then please get in touch with the Bureau by emailing

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