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Scam Citizens Advice Calls - Press Release

5th September 2016

Scam Citizens Advice Calls - Press Release



Citizens Advice Medway has discovered that people are receiving unsolicited phone calls from a mobile number claiming to represent Citizens Advice.

The mobile number 07902473954 has been telephoning people at random requesting details of debts claiming to be Citizens Advice’s Debt Advice team. Citizens Advice Medway can confirm that this is a scam and that the mobile number does not represent Citizens Advice in any way.

Dan McDonald, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Medway, urged residents to be careful and cautious when dealing with unsolicited phone calls: “It seems that in this day and age we are all subject to random and unsolicited scam phone calls. Receiving calls of this nature can be dangerous for people who would, ordinarily, trust an organisation like Citizens Advice. It is so easy to be fooled by one of these scams allow information to fall into the wrong hands.

“However, I can confirm that Citizens Advice Medway and other branches of Citizens Advice across the nation do not make unexpected or unsolicited phone calls. We would never telephone you randomly requesting details of your debts or of any other personal matter and we do not make telephone calls from mobile numbers.

“I urge anybody who receives a phone call from the number 07902473954 claiming to be Citizens Advice to NOT divulge any personal information and to report the call to us at Citizens Advice Medway.”

Citizens Advice Medway will be reporting this issue to the local authority and to Trading Standards.

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