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Medway Dementia Action Alliance - Press Release

3rd April 2017

Medway Dementia Action Alliance - Press Release


A project aimed at increasing awareness of dementia and battling the stigma of the disease will continue, thanks to funding secured by Citizens Advice Medway and Healthwatch Medway.

Medway Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) has already made a huge impact on improving the lives of people affected by dementia in the area in the 2 years it has been running. The aim of the Dementia Action Alliance is to help create a community where people with dementia feel confident, understood and supported to live well – a cause that Citizens Advice Medway and Healthwatch Medway passionately believe in and were determined to see continue.

Following an end to funding, the DAA would have been unable to continue operating with a member of support staff until Citizens Advice Medway and Healthwatch Medway secured external funding to ensure that the Alliance was able to continue its work. Jane Page, Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Action Alliance Co-ordinator for Medway welcomed the news: “We’re so grateful to Citizens Advice Medway and Healthwatch Medway for securing this funding and for their passion in driving this project forward. It’s vital that people living with dementia should still be able to enjoy all Medway has to offer.

An Alzheimer’s Society report found that less than half of people living with dementia feel a part of the community (47%) and nearly three quarters (73%) of UK adults surveyed do not think society is geared up to deal with dementia.

Jane added: “Many people with dementia have reported feeling trapped in their own homes and let down by their communities, with one in three only getting out once a week and one in 10 only manage this once a month. This is simply unacceptable.

“The Medway Dementia Action Alliance aims to address the isolation that many people living with dementia can feel and we are delighted to see so many of Medway’s organisations and businesses committing to helping people in the community live well with dementia. It’s such brilliant news that we will be able to continue to make a real difference to the lives of local people as a result of this funding.”

Dan McDonald, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Medway, said that he was so passionate about the work of the Dementia Action Alliance and about the difference that they are able to make to the lives of local people that he was determined to find the additional external funding: “Dementia is such an important issue both here in Medway and across the country and it is one that I feel incredibly passionate about. I have seen, first hand, the difference that the DAA makes and the idea of them being unable to continue with their outstanding work was not one that I was willing to entertain.

“That is why we have worked so hard to find the external funding to maintain this project – because Citizens Advice Medway and Healthwatch Medway is wholeheartedly in support of the DAA and providing help and assistance to those who are living with dementia.

“I know that Medway Council are delighted that we have been able to help because, to put it bluntly, this vitally important project was just days away from being reliant on it’s wonderful volunteers and would have lost the member of support staff that has been so vital in making a difference to the community. I am extremely excited about the work that we will be doing together – I believe that we have a real opportunity to do some fantastic work and I can not wait to get started.”

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