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Maternity Rights - Press Release

24th August 2016

Maternity Rights - Press Release



CITIZENS ADVICE is publishing new advice to ensure that people know their maternity rights at work.

Citizens Advice is keen to ensure that everybody is aware of their maternity rights in order to prevent employers taking advantage of their staff. You can find the full advice here.

The new advice comes after growing reports of unfair treatment at work regarding maternity leave and Dan McDonald, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Medway, says that it is vital that people know their rights: "Becoming a parent can be a stressful time in so many ways and we are always seeking to do what we can to reduce some of the worry. But sadly, it seems that not everybody knows their maternity rights and are being taken advantage of."

"When we talk about maternity leave and rights surrounding that we are not talking only about the basic right to maternity leave. Employees have the right to take time off work when they have a child and I think that most people know that but this issue is about much more than that.

"We’ve heard of staff having their hours cut or even being made redundant when returning to work from maternity leave. A number of people have approached us having been disadvantaged at work because they chose to take maternity leave and that is simply unacceptable.

"That is what this new advice is about: to highlight the issues that surround maternity leave and to raise awareness of them. We want to make sure that everybody knows their rights and is able to know what to do if they feel disadvantaged."

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