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Big Energy Saving Week 2016

2nd November 2016

Big Energy Saving Week 2016

Big Energy Saving Week (31 October - 6 November) is a national campaign run by Citizens Advice, Energy Saving Trust (EST) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The campaign aims to help people to cut their energy costs by following a three-step rule - check, switch and save.

People are encouraged to check their current tariff and compare it with other suppliers, before switching to a cheaper deal if available. They are also given tips on making sure they’re saving energy in their home.

Using Citizens Advice’s online energy price comparison tool, advisers can show people how to check they’re on the best tariff for their needs or if there’s a cheaper deal with a different supplier.

People can learn about making their home more energy efficient, for example by getting cavity wall insulation, draught excluders or double glazing. Advisers will be suggesting how to avoid using extra energy by not leaving the TV on standby or leaving lights on.

Advisers can also check whether energy customers are eligible for a discount from their supplier, for example if they are claiming certain benefits. To speak to one of our Energy Champions, please call on 01634 383760 and ask about our Medway PowerWatch project.

Dan McDonald, CEO of Citizens Advice Medway, said:

“Checking your energy tariff and switching to a cheaper deal is one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut your bills.

“Big Energy Saving Week is a great opportunity to get expert advice on how you can make savings before winter starts, from changing energy supplier to insulating your home.

“We would urge everyone to use our price comparison tool or contact our service for advice so they can start making savings.”

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