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Adding Up Campaign - School Costs

21st August 2014

Adding Up Campaign - School Costs

Citizens Advice is running the Adding Up Campaign in order to find out more about the costs associated with childrenís education. This campaign has been on-going for several years now and Citizens Advice is eager for parents to get involved over the Summer period as they begin buying new school materials such as books and clothes for their children before the start of the new school year.

What is happening?

The Adding Up Campaign being run by Citizens Advice is trying to raise awareness and help families by:

  • encouraging schools and education authorities to promote cost-cutting policies on school uniforms, trips, kit and other items. This can save families hundreds of pounds a year.
  • lobbying local authorities to tackle child poverty by offering school clothing grants to those most in need.

Get involved in the Adding Up campaign today and help families struggling to meet the costs of schooling.

This is what you can do to help:

  • Encourage: Does your local authority provides school clothing grants? Then make sure the grants donít become victims of cuts by writing to the local authority. Here is a Model Letter for you to use.
  • Donít know what your Local Authority Policy is? For a quick check type a post code into the section on school uniform grants on the Directgov website.
  • Top tips: Could schools in your area do more to help parents by making uniforms, trips and kit more affordable? If so then check out Citizens Advice Top Tips. Send a copy to your head teacher and/or chair of governors and ask what they are doing to help families.
  • Tell us about it: The Adding Up Campaign wants to hear your experiences on school costs. Do you feel you are paying too much for uniforms, trips and other essential equipment? What help is available in your local authority area and what is your experience of accessing it? Email Citizens Advice campaigns.
  • Spread positive outcomes: Perhaps schools and the local authority in your area have helped parents? If they have, then email Citizens Advice campaigns.
  • Complete the latest survey: Citizens Advice is asking parents and guardians to fill out a survey found based on the financial costs of one child for this school year. Please fill in this survey if you have a child in your care who will be attending school next term by clicking on this link - School Uniform Costs Survey.

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