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'Individuality' Launched to Tackle Hate Crime - Press Release

19th October 2016

'Individuality' Launched to Tackle Hate Crime - Press Release



Citizens Advice Medway has launched its new project to tackle Hate Crime across Kent and Medway. ‘Individuality’ which is being launched in partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott, will raise awareness of Hate Crime and will offer support to victims.

Individuality, which was launched last Friday by Matthew Scott, will see Citizens Advice Bureaus across Kent provide support to victims as well as overseeing an initiative to raise awareness of hate crime in a bid to encourage people to report it.

Dan McDonald, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Medway, said that the project was vitally important: "This week is National Hate Crime awareness week and so it is right that we choose today to launch Individuality. Over the past few months we have seen Hate Crime on the rise and so this project is more important now than it ever has been.

"Individuality will work in several ways to tackle Hate Crime – first of all to raise awareness of it. We are going to work with organisations across Kent and Medway and with individuals to

ensure that people know what Hate Crimes are and why people commit them because unless people understand Hate Crime we can never hope to tackle it. Hate Crime is still severely under reported and that must change. It is my view that by raising awareness of Hate Crime we can encourage people to report it.

"But beyond that, Individuality will provide support to victims and their families. Working to provide victims with the support and advice that they need at a difficult and vulnerable time is vital and our volunteers will be fully trained to do just that.

"In working with the Police and Crime Commissioner we believe that we can make a real difference in tackling Hate Crime in Kent and Medway - Individuality is a project committed to doing just that."

Speaking at the launch Matthew Scott, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner said: "There is no place for hate crime in our society so I was delighted to be able to support the Individuality project with money from my Specialist Victim Services Fund, and to attend the launch during Hate Crime Awareness Week.

"Victims of hate crime can include members of the LGBT community, ethnic minorities, women, the elderly and those suffering from mental health issues. All these groups need to know that they will get the help they need - whether they contact the police to report a crime or whether they prefer to first seek support from agencies like Citizens Advice."

Individuality Kent and Medway covers the whole of Kent and Medway. If you want to contact us regarding Hate Crime then you can give us a call on 0345 2414 999 or email us at

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